Five of the Best Looking Cocktails in Melbourne

There’s no limit to cocktail creativity. Rose-scented foam, popping candy, swizzle-stick sensations, a lingering cloud of hickory smoke. Pure drink porn that translates so naturally to stunning on-screen visuals. Here’s a guide to the perfect cocktail that not only tastes amazing but will look ever so good on your feed. By Rosie Macquire.

Girl’s Night Out

 Girls Night Out 3_preview
Like its desserts, the cocktails envision the imagination and decadence we can expect from Om Nom.
Sitting in the iconic Adelphi Hotel picking the ”best looking” cocktail from the extraordinary selection is virtually impossible. Bar Manager Chris McDonald suggests a standout for him is Girl’s Night Out.
This cocktail comes in three parts and is inspired by what it’s named after: a girls’ night out. Part 1 is the drink itself – a sweet mix of creme de fraise, fresh pressed raspberries, fresh pressed citrus and a violet and rose syrup, served on a mirror platter.
It is accompanied by Part 2 – a raspberry and Chambord sorbet in the shape of a lipstick while Part 3 adds a whimsical touch with its a rose petals and champagne in a perfume bottle. This wonderfully creative emphasises sweet & dry flavours in the drink alongside the sour and tartness of the sorbet.
McDonald says it will engage all your senses through its different elements.
187 Flinders Lane,
Monday to Thursday
7–11:30am, 12–3:30pm, 6–10:30pm
Friday and Saturday
7–11:30am, 12–3:30pm, 6–11:30pm
7–11:30am, 12–4pm, 6–10:30pm

Hana Colada


$22, Hana

This place deserves shots of the drinks – and the stunning interior!
Opening last May, Hana has brought the sunny tropical vibes of Maui to Melbourne’s CBD.
Tucked away on Little Collins Street, Hana will transport you with a its beautiful interior and exciting cocktails.
A stand-out is its version of the Pina Colada, known as the Hana Colada.
Creator and Hana bar-tender Jesse Claringbold describes it as creamy and boozy while it immerses you in the ambience of the Hana.
The Hana Colada is a decadent mix of Jamaican Rum, Aged Rum, coconut, fresh pineapple juice, lime and served on crushed ice.
In a traditional pina colada glass with some fresh pineapple and a fun umbrella added, it’s time to soak up the beachy vibes without ever having to leave the cold rainy city.
212 Little Collins Street . Melbourne
Monday to Friday, Saturday
4:30pm- late

Blue Blazer


$22, 1806

Andy Gallaway says of the Blue Blazer, “as soon as someone sees it, they want it”. And with its blue flame, it’s a real showstopper.

1806 is a bar with an extensive historical menu creating some of the most classical drinks from the last 200 hundred years.

The Blue Blazer was originally created by the guy who was thought to be the first bartender in the USA – Jerry Thomas. It combines two types of scotch whiskey with sugar syrup and two types of aromatic bitters.

This drink is all about the theatre of making it while the flavour is sweet and it’s heated making it perfect for those cold Melbourne nights.

169 Exhibition Street, Melbourne
Monday to Thursday
5pm- 1am
4pm- 1am
5pm- 2am
6pm- 1am

Harajuku Highball


$24, Black Pearl

Like its appearance, this cocktail is minimal but simultaneously aesthetically pleasing and photogenic. Made up of only four ingredients, it’s unique which means you won’t find it at any other cocktail bar in Melbourne.

As a recent addition to the menu it was originally created for the Japanese popup in the Attic bar, and is now a permanent fixture due to its popularity.

Inspired by Japanese culture it features Hakushu Distillers Reserve Japanese whiskey, Pandan, Suze and soda water and it garnished with a sesho leaf.
Black Pearl’s general manager, Chris Hysted-Adams says the flavours are subtle and give off a slight savoury aroma.

Black Pearl
304 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 

Monday to Sunday
5pm- 3am

Margarita the Eau De Vie Way

$19.50, Eau De Vie
Hidden away on Malthouse Lane in Melbourne’s CBD, Eau De Vie is the ultimate throwback to 1920s America. Entering the bar behind a basic door with no sign, you’ll feel like an exclusive member of this speakeasy.

The cocktail list is long and extensive with a focus on different flavours, so it’s easy to decide what tickles your taste buds.

With many bars always striving to be completely unique it’s easy to forget about the classics. But Eau De Vie has incorporated those into their cocktail list along with their own creations.

Their Margarita uses Herradura Plata tequila shaken with fresh lime, orange curacao and a touch of agave. It’s served in a stemmed wine glass with a black pepper and sea salt rim. Its design is simple and classic with a modern twist while giving off a salty sea aroma.

Eau De Vie
1 Malthouse Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000

Monday to Thursday
5pm – 1am
Friday and Saturday
4pm – 1am
4pm – 11pm

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