You can now take a course on making your houseplants love you

Originally published on Fashion Journal 

It’s a jungle in there.

Relationships with houseplants can be testing.

Those leafy friends need the perfect amount of sunlight and shade simultaneously, while also being sufficiently watered. And if you forget one time, they die. Talk about high maintenance.

There’s now an online audio-visual course to give you a greater understanding of plant care, helping your relationship run a lot more smoothly.

How to Make a Plant Love You covers handy information, including specific plants that will thrive in your home, troubleshooting and how to make the most of your space using your newly-acquired green thumb.

The person behind the course is Summer Rayne Oaks, a plant enthusiast who wants to encourage us to become a little more attuned with nature through her site Homestead Brooklyn.

You can access the unique course via Kickstarter, making a minimum pledge of $126. Or for something cheaper, you can spend between $32-$64 and gain access to guides with information on common houseplants and the care they need.

Now go forth and make all your indoor tropical jungle dreams come true.

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